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So, you’ve decided to start freelancing as a web designer. Freelancing can be very rewarding but take the time to do it right. There’s a lot you need to do before you completely branch out on your own. For instance, how do you plan to acquire clients? Where do you plan on spending your working hours? Do you know how you’re going to manage a work-life balance? Learn how to work smarter, not harder by following these simple guidelines.

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The gig economy is new and exciting.

The perks of working for yourself without the constricts of traditional business ownership, like overhead and inventory, are making these new industries available to anyone and everyone.

Furthermore, the ability to market yourself through third-party websites, social media, and word-of-mouth are taking a lot of the guesswork out of marketing.

But not all of it.

If you want to build a sustainable, profitable business in the sharing economy, you still have to understand who your customer is, what she wants and needs, and how to best reach her.

Otherwise, your product or service may never reach them. Intrigued?

Check out this article for more on how to define your target customer, crafting the right messages, and choosing the best mediums.

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Even the Smallest Business, Freelancer, Consultant, Coach, Virtual Assistant, and Network Marketer needs a Google My Business Listing and a Website

Today’s world is loud. There are millions of brands, businesses, and bloggers all unceremoniously vying for consumer attention. In the current landscape it can be difficult for businesses to break away from the pack in order to let consumers know that they are capable of satisfying their needs. This is especially difficult for the smallest businesses, Freelancers, Consultants, Coaches, Virtual Assistants, and Network Marketers. No matter what the product or service is that’s being provided, even the smallest business needs a Google My Business listing and a mobile-optimized website to meet the ever-changing demands of a digitally interconnected world.

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The term “sharing economy” may be a foreign word to you, but chances are you’ve heard of, or even participated in a sharing economy without even realizing it. Put simply, a sharing economy is when individuals sell or rent their product or service directly to another individual, interacting directly with one another. For example, you might rent out your car or home, or offer freelance labor. The great thing about the sharing economy is that anyone can participate. Here are the four must-haves in order to be a sharing economy success:

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